Aesthetic Dentistry in Munich

Aesthetic dentistry refers to the field of dentistry which deals with the external appearance of the teeth.


Dental aesthetics at our dental practice in Munichis not limited to the appearance only, but also the functionality and dental health go hand in hand with it. The overall appearance of a person is also dependent to a large extent on teeth. Clean and white teeth represent a high level of health and wealth. On the other hand, damaged and discolored or even missing teeth can negatively affect the self-esteem and impair the quality of one’s life.

The external appearance of a human is also influenced to a large extent by teeth. Clean and white teeth white teeth signal a high level of health and wealth. On the other hand, sick and discolored or even missing teeth can negatively affect the self-esteem and impair the quality of life.


Gums are also make up an integral part of dental aesthetics


For a balanced and natural aesthetics of the teeth, for us, at the dental practice in Munich, the balance between the gums and teeth, between red and white dental aesthetics, is essential. For natural and white teeth are surrounded by healthy gums. Since the anterior teeth are the most visible teeth, the restoration of red and white dental aesthetics is of particular importance here. Tooth loss can damage the gums and lead to gingival defects, whereas the reconstruction is usually very expensive. In such cases, with the help of a long-term temporary restoration and with targeted periodontal surgery, gum tissue in the anterior region can be significantly improved.

Another area of the application of red dental aesthetics is gum treatment for periodontitis. Due to periodontitis, the chronic bacterial inflammation of the gums and bony gums, gums and jaw bones recede. Your dentists in Munich are experts in bone and connective tissue reconstruction. Inflamed gums and damaged teeth must first be treated by specific measures.

The patient has many options to choose from when restoring white dental aesthetics. Simple discolouration, caused for example by tea or coffee, can be removed by a tooth cleaning and bleaching in our dental practice in Munich. Unaesthetic and health-threatening fillings made of amalgam, can be replaced by natural tooth-like ceramic inlays, which are free of the harmful substances that amalgam fillings consist of. Crowns made of all-ceramic or zirconium, are the solution to perfect and natural dental aesthetics in Munich, with little abrasion of the other teeth at the same time.

Using thin ceramic shells also known as veneers, that are placed on the tooth even the toughest discoloration of the teeth can be corrected. Especially the anterior region can be corrected aesthetically after tooth wear by means of plastic abutments.


Dental aesthetics and function go hand in hand


Since blemishes in dental aesthetics are often caused by problems in the dental function, the restoration of aesthetics and function represents can be challenging to your dentists of aesthetic dentistry in Munich. For purely cosmetic interventions are not the main solution for fixing aesthetic problems because the underlying damages may not be entirely treated. The patient needs assurance that the restoration of an impaired function, such as harmonious occlusion of the upper and lower jaw teeth, is guaranteed. Thus, aesthetics and functionality are inseparable because one is conditioned by the other.

The «wrong bite», clinically known as damagedocclusion, is first examined in the dental practice in Munich with functional diagnostics to determine the malocclusion of the teeth and the temporomandibular joint position. Such malfunctions of the teeth and temporomandibular joint, can trigger TMJ disorders, CMD and CMD symptoms. The restoration of the masticatory system, the functional unit of teeth, periodontal apparatus, temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles, is one of the main goals of our aesthetic dentistry treatment in Munich.


Aesthetic results (Instagram) by means of the competent cooperation


Nowadays, more and more patients who not only suffer from toothaches but also functional dental problems contact our dental office in Munich.

Achieving healthy and long-lasting dental aesthetics at aesthetic dentistry in Munich has become rather easy with the help of our two experts dentists for aesthetic dentistry in MunichDr. Papavasileiou and Dr. Raab. To restore the balance between healthy «red» and radiant «white», we have periodontists who treat gums and periodontium, endodontists who are responsible for tooth preservation.


Dental technician and dentist are one team

The excellent cooperation between our dentist and dental technician ensures long-lasting dental aesthetics to our patients.To achieve the best results, our dental office in Munich has also its separate dental laboratory for the production of all the necessary dental materials. Through the short distances and the direct communication with the dental technicians we guarantee an optimal and aesthetically high demanding outcomes. Restorations are executed immediately and waiting times are minimized.

Successful dental aesthetic treatment results (Facebook) can only be achieved when the dentist and dental technician implement a comprehensive and appropriate therapy concept that meets all the standards of dental aesthetics and hygiene. Ultimately, the relationship between aesthetics and functionality is maintained and the individual needs of the patient are met. This way, we ensure that the our objectives cover all treatment methods, from the anamnesis to the diagnosis as well as from individual consultation to therapy.

In the aesthetic dentistry in Munich our common goal is to provide the patient with extensive dental care and aesthetics, which depends on the state of oral health as well as patient’s overall appearance. Different treatment concepts are then developed through a strong communication between the doctors and the patient, so the requirements and wishes of the patient are met and fulfilled.

The final care of the patient happens in our dental office in Munich in close communication between dentist, patient and dental technician