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One of our
three treatment rooms.
Latest technology and
a lot of time for
your treatment.

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minimally invasive
surgical techniques
we ensure maximum protection
of the bone and the gums.

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Dental implants -
by employing
the latest 3D Technology,
we aim to achieve
the most outstanding
real-life results.

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A relaxed dental treatment?
Yes, it's possible with us.
This is of a special
significance to our patients
with dental phobia.

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Every shade is crucial.
This is why even our
treatment places are equipped
with the latest LED technology.

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"We need the lab results..."
You won't hear this anymore.
Because we have our own
in-house dental laboratory.
For short distances and
optimal quality.

teeth cleaning in munich
  • Veneers Munich
    High-quality veneers - optimally adapted and directly from our in-house dental laboratory.
  • dental treatment simply under anesthesia in Munich
    Dental treatment
    under anesthesia
    Painfree dental treatment simply under anesthesia. Our anesthesiologist is here for you.
  • dental prophylaxis in Munich
    Dental prophylaxis
    in Munich
    To prevent caries, periodontitis and toothache use our personalized prophylaxis plan.
  • Periodontics Munich
    We are happy to take care of your periodontitis prevention and ensure optimal treatment. Of course, stress-free!
  • dentures Munich
    Dentures with the latest technology and high-quality materials from our in-house dental laboratory.
  • Dental implants in Munich
    High-quality dental implants perfectly planned and executed with our modern 3D-technology.
  • Dental bridges - Dentist Munich Lehel
    oral surgery
    Minimally invasive oral surgery for maximum protection of the bone and gums.
  • Bleaching in Munich - English speaking dentist
    Professional and tooth-gentle bleaching as "home bleaching" or as "in-office bleaching".
  • oral cancer prevention - Private Dentist Munich
    Oral cancer
    Oral cancer - the earlier detected, the greater the chances for successful therapy results.
  • Inlays and Fillings Munich
    Inlays and
    Perfectly planned, optimally fitted and made of the best materials only at our in-house laboratory.
  • Root canal treatment Munich
    Root canal
    Root canal treatments are carried out according to the latest techniques and standards.
  • english speaking dentist Munich
    Treatment of
    anxiety patients
    Dental fear? Your worries matter to us. We are happy to help you with our special treatment concepts.

Welcome to Your Dental Practice in Munich!

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Our dental practice in Munich Lehel is known for high-quality aesthetic dentistry and implantology. There are three specialized dentists, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment technology, in-house dental laboratory and a professional team.

  Our claim: optimal prevention and gentle treatment.
Do you have questions about your teeth and looking for a competent dentist? In our dental practice, we offer you all the necessary dental services under one roof. We are happy to be at your disposal as proven specialists in offering or preventing the necessary dental treatment. On a scientific basis, we work with our own in-house dental laboratory, to guarantee high-quality treatment.

  Our know-how: dentistry and implantology at the highest level.
Our treatment spectrum starts with the prevention of dental diseases (prophylaxis incl. oral cancer prevention) in our own prophylaxis department (bleaching, periodontitis) and ranges over complex and aesthetic dentures right up to oral surgery and implants. Furthermore, crowns, veneers, inlays and last, but not least fillings are made according to the highest standards and latest scientific findings. We also offer gentle anesthetic treatment for our patients with anxiety

  Our promise: time-saving and patient oriented.
We also enjoy our expertise in welcoming international patients. As a dental practice with an international reputation and a certified PerioPrevention Center, we offer a special service for pregnant patients. Furthermore, we also work with a network of recognized specialists, such as general practitioners, gynecologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, diabetologists, dermatologists, otorhinolaryngologists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. There are no waiting times. Our appointment management ensures you a quick and relaxed dentist visit.
We Look Forward to Welcoming You at Our Dental Practice in Munich.

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Dr. Dimitrios Papavasileiou
Dental specialist in oral surgery
Senior doctor: University of Regensburg


Dr. Philipp Raab
  • aesthetic dentistry Munich
    Lecturer at the University of Regensburg
  • aesthetic dental practice in munich
    ITI Member - International Team of Implantology
  • aesthetic dentistry munich
    Certified PerioPrevention Center
  • aesthetic dentistry in munich
    Member of the German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry
  • private dental practice in munich
    German Society of Dental Prosthetics and Biomaterials
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