Fertility patients

Studies have shown that a periodontal disease can severely affect a woman’s fertility and increase risks during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that periodontal disease can seriously affect the fertility of a woman and increase risks during pregnancy. Since the beginning of the 1990s, dental research has been aware of the link between a gum disease and the increased risk of prematurity in newborn infants delivered below average birth weight. Some studies have shown that the risk of premature birth or underweight newborn infants in women with periodontitis is almost 8 times higher than that of women with healthy teeth and gums.

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It is also known that periodontitis has a direct influence on the length of pregnancy (= conception) and can prolong it. Thus, fertility problems may also be associated with hidden periodontitis.


Without periodontitis
5 months
With periodontitis
7,1 months

By altering the hormone balance during pregnancy, there is an increased risk for the mother-to-be to develop gum disease. Therefore, we put great emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, and together with our affiliated gynecologists, we assist our patients during their pregnancy. In order to achieve our desired goals, we work with therapeutic concepts in dentistry that are gentle and pregnancy-appropriate.

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