Dental Implants in Munich

High-quality Implants in Lehel – perfectly planned and executed with our modern 3D-technology in your private dental practice in Munich.

Single or multiple tooth gaps

If one or more teeth are lost, they must be replaced either by a bridge or by an implant in Munich. Implants are artificial tooth roots in the jaw made of titanium (in rare cases of ceramics). Over a connecting element (abutment), the dentures are attached in the form of a crown. If the surrounding teeth are gaps without fillings then unnecessary tooth substance will be removed. In this and in a case of no teeth behind the gap, an implant in Munich is the most appropriate form of treatment.

Toothless patients

If all teeth are lost, the patient often has to be treated with poorly held full dentures. Patient’s quality of life is severely affected, as carefree eating, talking and laughing is no longer possible. Implants Munich can be used to attach a fixed or conditionally removable, very delicately designed dentures (without palatal plate). In some cases, replacement teeth and implants can be placed at the same time.

Advantages of implants over conventional bridges or removable dentures:

  • Aesthetics
  • Protection of surrounding teeth (no removal necessary)
  • Firm hold for prostheses
  • Avoiding the loss of jawbone

3D implant-planning and navigated implantology in Munich

In many cases, two-dimensional radiographs (OPGs) are not sufficient to execute an implant surgery. This may happen when there is little jawbone or important surrounding anatomical structures (nerves, vessels, maxillary sinus) near the planned implants. In this case, there is a chance to plan the provisional or final dentures virtually by a special software on the computer after 3D X-Ray image has been made. By means of a computer-made drilling template, the placement of the implants planned on the computer can be transferred to the desired bone postion of the patient.

Advantages of navigated implantology in Munich:

  • More treatment safety
  • Avoidance of bone build-up through optimal utilization of the existing bone
  • Low postoperative discomfort through minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • Prosthetic-controlled and precise 3D positioning of the implants
  • Preoperative presentation and protection of important surrounding structures (nerves, vessels)
  • Aesthetic appearance of the dentures through precise positioning of the implants

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