Anxiety patients

Dental fear? We take it very seriously. Therefore, as a dental practice, we have developed a special treatment concept that will help you overcome your anxiety or, ideally, not let it happen at all.

Do you suffer from dental fear or are you familiar with this feeling? For many patients, dental visit is associated with anxiety. A lot of our patients share this fear with you. Overall about 50 – 70% suffer from dental fear. You don’t have to be ashamed! Our team is trained to alleviate any fears, make sure you feel calm and in control during every single visit. We are happy to help. Your dentist in Munich.

The dentist for anxiety patients in Munich

In our dental practice in Lehel, Munich we take your dental phobia seriously. Therefore, as a dental clinic, we have developed a special treatment concept that will help you overcome your anxiety or, ideally, not let it happen at all.

How might we help you with dental fear?

There are many ways to make your visit to the dentist’s as comfortable as possible. The first step begins with arranging your appointment at our dental practice in Munich. If you tell us about your dental fear directly before the appointment, we will be able to give you the best assistance!

The first appointment?

No treatment will be performed on your first visit. The first appointment is scheduled to get to know your dentist personally. You then decide whether you would like to continue the dental treatment with us. You set the pace: When you feel ready, an X-ray of your teeth is taken. Based on this, we can discuss an individual therapy concept in more detail.

Our treatment for anxiety patients?

Of particular importance to us is the transparency of the treatment. You will be informed about the individual treatment steps and there will be enough time to answer your questions. Your needs are in the foreground, so you decide when to start. During the treatment it is possible to signal to your dentist at any time by means of previously agreed signs that he may pause his work. Thus, you retain full control during your dental treatment.

Treatment under anesthesia?

For anxious patients with particularly pronounced dental fear or dental phobia, we offer the possibility together with our anaesthesiologist Dr. med. Bernd Löffler, to perform the treatment under drowsy sleep. For complex interventions, our dental practice is also well-equipped for treatment under general anesthesia . In this way, often several treatment steps can be summarized stress-free in a single session.

Book your appointment: especially if you are a phobic patient. We know how to help.

Simply contact our dentists in Lehel and let us help you overcome your dental fear. Our team will be happy to answer your questions at any time +49 (0) 89 – 255 46 888. You can also book your appointment online.
Sincerely, your private dentist in Munich!