Oral surgery

Professional oral surgery in Munich for maximum protection of the bone and gums with optimal treatment results. Our Specialist in Oral Surgery – Dr. med. Dimitrios Papavasileiou – likes to take care of you.

Surgical Tooth Extraction and gentle tooth extraction in Munich:

If teeth are very deeply destroyed or fractured, a simple tooth extraction is no longer an option because the teeth can no longer be grasped by the instruments. In such cases, surgical extraction of the teeth is necessary. The preservation of the bone and the gums during surgical tooth extraction in Munich is of maximum importance, otherwise an involvement of a dental implant in Munich will be difficult. Through minimally invasive techniques and the use of special instruments, atraumatic tooth extraction is possible without needing to cut the gums and graft the bone. The advantage here is a faster wound healing and slight postoperative complaint. In some cases, gum buildup or filling of the empty tooth cavity with self-bone or bone replacement material (socket preservation) may take place immediately after the tooth extraction. This enables to take care of the future implant treatment beforehand.


In most cases, conservative endodontic treatment eliminates inflammation at the root and resolves inflammation and pain. In some cases, due to anatomical features of the root canal system or the presence of a cyst at the root apex, complaints tend to persist even after a root canal treatment. Usually, it will be followed by a surgical intervention. The aim is to remove the inflammatory tissue directly around the root tip and the bacteria-proof closure of the root canal through a minimally invasive procedure by means of local anesthesia. In the process, the inflammatory tissue and a small part of the root are removed, the root canal is subsequently cleaned and then sealed.

Preprosthetic surgery / soft tissue surgery:

In many cases, the planned dentures in Munich can not be realized in a functional and aesthetic manner due to unfavorable soft tissue conditions. In these cases, optimization of the soft tissue or bone stock is necessary during the provisional care phase and before the final restoration.

  • Deepening of the vestibule
  • Removal of annoying lips or cheekbands
  • Surgical crown extension
  • Covering of exposed tooth necks / tooth roots
  • Removal of excess gums (removal of the gullet, gingivoplasty)

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