Anesthetic dental treatment

You want the big (or small) renovation – but have uncontrollable fear of the treatment after a bad experience with a dentist? We offer a stress- and pain-free dental treatment in Lehel under anesthesia. You can trust the specialists and anesthesiologists in our dental practice in Munich.

After a successful cooperation with a very experienced specialist in anesthetics (Dr. Bernd Löffler), there is now a possibility of performing prosthetic restorations and oral surgery as well implantological procedures in twilight sleep (sedation) or under general anesthesia. During a sedation you remain conscious, you may be directly spoken to, but you are in a state similar to when you are falling asleep, thus, you will not find the treatment uncomfortable.

Under general anesthesia in Munich, you will be put to sleep by the anesthesiologist and his team. State-of-the-art anesthesia techniques ensure that you do not feel anything during the treatment, of course, under all safety standards and the surveillance of the clinic. The drugs used today are very gentle, extremely well tolerated and can be controlled with precision; the risk of side effects is extremely low. We are happy to advise you in a personal interview and offer you an anesthetic treatment (sedation or general anesthesia in Munich) that is most suitable for you.

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