Root canal treatment

Root canal treatments (endodontic treatments) are carried out according to the latest techniques and standards.

Thus, the root canal length can be accurately determined by means of a mini-computer (electrometry) without having to make an X-ray of the tooth. The dentist can then continue with the root canal filling.

We work with the so-called thermoplastic process, which can precisely fill the main channels as well as the small side channels of the root. The preparation of the root canals occurs »automatically” at our practice and, thus, at a much faster speed. In serious cases, we have a surgical microscope that enables us to treat channels which are barely visible to the naked eye.

The aim of a root canal treatment is the long-term preservation of the natural tooth. Root canal treatments (endodontic treatments) are carried out according to the latest treatment techniques and quality standards. Nowadays, it is possible to perform highly-promising treatments on a damaged tooth nerve or on teeth that had already undergone an root canal treatment but failed.

Causes of toothaches

In most cases, tooth decay is the cause of inflammation of the teeth (pulpitis). As bacteria multiply, they end up damaging the tooth nerve which results in irreversible inflammation. In most cases, the inflammation of the teeth is very painful. However, it can also go unnoticed which oftentimes is detected during a dental checkup. After you have taken care of the toothache, you give a thought to the aesthetic aspect of your smile. Aesthetic dentistry Munich belongs to one of the most important treatment spectrums.

Carrying out a root canal treatment

Answering this question requires a thorough examination of your tooth. If enough tooth substance is present, nothing stands in the way of the receipt of your tooth. Only in rare cases it is necessary to remove the diseased tooth. In difficult cases we have a surgical microscope and can also treat channels that are barely visible to the naked eye. Even the smallest structures will be for your private dentist Munichre presented. Root canals can be very small. Diameters of 0.1 mm are not uncommon. The surgical microscope makes it possible to disinfect these fine root canals optimally and to seal them impervious to bacteria. It is also important to have enough time for root canal treatment. Therefore, we adapt your treatment times individually to the degree of difficulty of the root canal treatment. This makes it possible to achieve optimal therapy of the diseased root canal system and to increase the prospects for successful treatment once again.

Course of root canal treatment

Usually, three appointments are required for a microscopic root canal treatment. The first appointment is followed by an in-depth checkup. When experiencing toothache, a treatment will be carried out on the same day to reduce your pain. At the end, we will give you a detailed consultation and answer all your questions. On the subsequent two appointments, the actual treatment of the root canal is performed. The first appointment is for the disinfection of the root canal system where the affected tooth nerve and bacteria are removed. We inject a drug into the root canal system which stays until the next root canal treatment appointment. After the 3rd appointment, the root canal system is completely treated. Achieving successful results which help you maintain healthy teeth for longer periods of time is one of the main goals at Private Dentist Munich.

Dates for a root canal treatment?

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