White or lighter teeth are not a mirracle. Our dental practice in Lehel will gladly take care of your professional and tooth-gentle whitening in Munich. As “Home Bleaching” or as “In-Office Bleaching”.

The human tooth color is always individually different. External influences such as nicotine, caffeine and tannin can change the natural tooth color. Even with age, teeth lose their natural shade. Today, however, bright white teeth are considered to be aesthetically pleasing and healthy, so you should avoid the discoloration of the teeth. With the modern bleaching process in Munich we help you maintain a bright smile. Teeth whitening is the process in which teeth are lightened by removing stains and discoloration with chemical substances. You have to distinguish between two types. 1. “Home Bleaching” this procedure can be performed at home after your dental consultation . 2. “In-Office Bleaching” is carried out directly in our dental practice in Munich.

This is how “Home Bleaching” works in Munich

In advance, you will receive a briefing on the appropriate application and the effects of this bleaching method from us. First, the teeth are cleaned. Afterwards, you will take home all the necessary tools home. Over a period of 2 weeks you will be able to brighten your teeth. You will wear a transparent rail filled with bleach gel for a few hours on a daily basis.

This is how “In-Office bleaching” works in Munich

First, the teeth are cleaned. Then we apply whitening gel directly on the teeth while simultaneously protecting the gums. The dark stains are then removed by an oxidation process. About 2 hours after the treatment, the teeth will be much lighter. Due to the high concentration of the bleaching agent, a single session is usually enough to achieve satisfactory results. After the treatment, we apply fluoride to your teeth to harden your new smile.

Possible problems that can occur during teeth whitening bleaching in Munich

It should be noted that fillings will not be lightened during the bleaching process. Therefore, if fillings are in the front teeth, you should consider replacing them to have a uniform picture after teeth lightening. In addition, crowns, bridges and implants can not be lightened by tooth whitening. Furthermore, you should only whiten healthy teeth, as carious teeth are not really suitable for this whitening process. After bleaching, the teeth may be more sensitive to cold and hot foods or beverages for a few days, or the gums may be easily affected by the treatment, but the healing process takes a few days only.

Do you have further questions or would like to make an appointment for a bleaching in Munich?

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